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protect your e-readers and tablet computers from contamination and surface scratches with
crystal-clear, disposable, protective sleeves from ultra PRO, the leader in safe storage,
ultra sleeves are made from specialized anti-static film, custom formulated for the highest
clarity while providing protection from germ contamination, moisture, and environmental residue
from everyday use. the wipe-able surface allows you the option to dispose of sleeve after
each use or wipe clean with disinfectant and re-use if desired.

Now available in two sizes to fit most 7" and 10" tablets and e-readers:
MFR # 72000 - fits most 10" tablets, Actual size - 11"x7 1/2" with 1" adjustable re-sealable flap.
MFR # 72004 - Fits most 7" tablets, Actual size - 9.437" x 5.687" with 1" adjustable re-sealable flap.


This review is from: Ultra Clear, Disposable, Protective Sleeves for iPads 2, 3, & 4 (10 Sleeves Per Pack) (Electronics)
"This sleeve is a great idea. I use it when cooking in the kitchen and when my grandchildren want to play with my iPad. The clarity of the film is excellent and didn't interfere at all with functionality. In fact I often left it on even between uses just for added protection."
- Susan
"Our friends gave us some to try out since we were using our iPad to keep our toddler occupied, especially when she's having dinner it keeps her settled in. The iPad was always getting dirty and greasy and just disgusting. With these sleeves now we can keep our iPad clean and not have to worry about bbq sauce getting into the holes and home button. Especially great since she now knows how to swipe her hand on the screen and won't stop touching it. Can’t wait until these are back in stock!"
- Samantha

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"These were a MUST for me traveling, my iPad stayed pristine and felt as though it has no protection on it. These were worth the money!"
- Lana F
"So, I cook a lot, and my recipes are on my iPad, so the iPad is in the kitchen a lot and it usually gets pretty dirty. I've got a screen protector, but that doesn't stop the salmonella from getting in the cracks, and I'm not about to put the iPad in the dishwasher. I got a pack of these sleeves, and they've been great. Full touchscreen functionality, no loss of clarity, easy to apply and a tight fit. I like the material better than the Chef Sleeves; these are grip-able with wet hands. Solid adhesive as well, so they're somewhat reusable. I get raw chicken all over them, and it’s not a big deal, just take the sleeve off and its good as new. I can see how they're great for kids who love to get snot and crumbs on anything worth more than $5, or when you're out and about (beach, camping, whatever)."
- Kappakai
"I needed something to protect my iPad from my son's greasy little fingers when he watches on it. I needed something to protect my iPad from an occasional splash from my sink or bathtub. This product is EXACTLY what I was looking for. It protects without detracting from the overall iPad experience. Perfect in every single way!"
- Meryl
"This product worked great. Spent a lot of time at the beach over the summer and i was able to use my iPad without worrying about the sand or water. I'd recommend this product for anyone who doesn’t want to get theiriPad dirty. High quality and works great!"
- Steve

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"These work great for protecting my iPad 4 while I cook. The description didn't say it when I bought them but they do work for the new iPad 4 with retina display."
- Nicole M.

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"These are great. We took my iPad to the beach. Kept the sand off and out. Is easy to put on and take off."
- Deb

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"These have worked really well for me when I cook. They fit snugly enough so there isn't a lot of excess material but not so snugly that they are a pain to put on. There is minimal glare and I'm able to see the screen very clearly. I've looked at a lot of this type of thing but this one has really been the best for my needs."
- J. Kemp

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"I was happy enough with these but there was an oh-so-slight sensory loss on the screen with these, so I bought a package of Chef Sleeves to compare. The fit of these is far superior to Chef Sleeve. In fact, I cannot use my keyboard (Logitech) in Portrait position with the Chef Sleeve, it falls out, (and I also leave mine on when not in the kitchen). The issue of no charger access is the same on both products. There is also no annoying logo on the front (I can't stand logos!). Also, the Chef Sleeve comes packaged sort of rolled up, these come in a nice flat package. All little things I know, but if you have to choose, well......"
- bluebox

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